How to Hike Smart in Extreme Hot Temperatures

In spite of the extreme heat warning, one can still experience the thrill of outdoors in such hot summer weather. The one thing one needs to do is adjust one's reasoning a bit and be of the know about safety measures as you begin the adventure. See to it that you do not allow yourself to be a drained hiker, because of heat. Apply the following precautions and the provided information to help you hike smart in baroque high temperatures:

  • Possessing the appropriate hiking gears is very important . Ensure that you put on the right boots to support your feet and ankle.
  • Regularly plan to set out early before the sun is out. Choose short trails to prevent long exposure to the sun. Hitting the roads early in the morning does the magic, so you can savor the sunrise and head back before the temperature gets discomforting.

.Choose the appropriate clothing as it fits you. Hats are an essential piece to help protect against the extreme hot sun. Between Ball-caps and brimmed hats; go for brimmed hats as they are perfect to cover the back of your neck as well as your ears.

  • Do not hit the trail all by yourself. Get someone to accompanying you; either a friend or a family so you can support one another.
  • It is essential to always look out for shelter in order shield from the scathing sun. Spot out shady spots especially when the clouds start gathering. Avoid staying out in the sun for long as much as you can, while hiking or resting.
  • See to it that you take regular breaks in between. Particularly when hiking in extreme hot temperature. In the desert where the temperature is excessive for instance, it is peremptory to take frequent breaks in order to maintain a cool body temperature.
  • It is essential that you take water along as you prepare to hike. The quantity of water you bring with you when hiking in the desert indeed depends on how long and strenuous the hike is, the day's temperature and your water consumption capacity. It is important to bring sufficient water and sports drinks as it is recommended to take in at least a liter of fluid for every one hour of hiking. Bear in mind that not all fluids are appropriate for hiking; taking soda or alcohol for instance while hiking will dry you out.
  • The appropriate snacks idle for the trail are ones that will supply you with sufficient energy. Examples of such are fruit, fruit bars, granola, beef jerky, bagels, power bars,trail mix and peanut butter. Candy plus some salty nuts to replenish the salt you sweat out will fly too. For hikes that will cover longer distances, it is recommended that you bring more protein snacks with you.
  • Ensure that you eat frequently because your body is functioning bumper fast and needs to replace used energy quickly. So the continuous replenishing of your body with salty and protein snacks is essential.

Lastly, It does not really matter where you live in the country; what's important is that you know the weather conditions before you hit the trails. Get information and verify from the locals. So as you head outdoors this summer, remember these tips as they may well be your lifeline for an unforgettable hiking experience.