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Hiking Footwear: Shoes Vs Boots


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Hiking Footwear: Shoes Vs Boots

The word Hiking has a wider meaning. To put a simple meaning to it, would mean to simply say hiking is walking, but for longer distances, either on trails or/and off-road (rural area, countryside, hilly or muddy regions).

Giving that hiking entails a lot of walking, the right footwear play the most important role for this outdoor sport. There is a broad multiplicity of footwear available in the market and hardly do people make the appropriate choice.

In this piece, we will discuss the distinctions between shoes and boots as far as hiking is concerned. At the end, we hope we would have succeeded in providing some valid insights on the differences between shoes and boots, and hence help you make the right choice when it's time to pick a hiking footwear.

The footwear appropriate for hiking are indeed only two kinds: Shoes and Boots.

(Putting on flip flops, formal shoes, or other types will wear and hurt your feet. Am sure, Nobody desires that!)

Making the choice between shoes or boots first, depends on the type of hiker that you are. Are you the type that prefers lengthy, energetic hikes? Or you would rather settle for short and listless distances? Do you prefer to hike on trails or on rocky regions? Your answers are especially key.

Aside this, weather is another important factor to consider in deciding what footwear fits. If you often hike in rainy weather, you will be better off with waterproof shoes on your feet.  But if you like to hike on bright lit weather,wearing shoes that have meshed upper will just do the magic and save you from the inevitable sticky sweats.

Now here are the things that make shoes shoes and boots, boots.


They are light weight than boots. This is so because they possess fewer cushion and padding than boots - a characteristic of shoes that makes it perfectly fine for hiking on well-defined trails. Shoe's light weight, comes with less support. What this means is that less shock is absorbed as against those absorbed by boots.

Ensure you carry less weight. Shoes are exactly appropriate for hiking adventure that doesn't involves carrying lots of weight.

Shoes are cut low at the ankles. This permits for free leg movement, which translate to fast movements. So, if you are the type that desires Speed and agility as you hike, then shoes are the best for you.

Is hiking new to you?, then Boots are what you need. Although boots are considerably heavy, their weight comes with an advantage; It has plenty of padding. Padding provides plenty of support, which is exactly what beginners need.

If you are hiking over clearly not-smooth terrains and for lengthy distances, boots proof to be far better than shoes.

In addition, the support boots have enables a hiker to take lots of weight with them. Boots can take the weight more than shoes can.

So, if you are ready to do some hiking, grab a bottle of water (yea! water. So you don't dehydrate), maps and a compass (you will need them, just in case you miss your way),a multi-tool, matches, and a flashlight. And also get a hiking partner with you if you can! Hiking is a great way to get to know people better, build trust and bond.

Get started. And enjoy the adventure!